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Food Supplements - Who needs them and When

The current trend of our lifestyle has been quite hectic and that has been one of the reasons why you would feel disturbed as long as your daily intake of food is concerned. This has resulted in an increased use of food supplements that may or may not be practical enough. Who would actually need Food Supplements and under which circumstances should you be allowed to consume them? We will analyze the need-based usage of food supplements for a better living.

Food Supplements – What are They?

Well, the major purpose that food supplements have been introduced is to provide those nutrients that may not be available through the regular food intake. They can contain a whole lot of ingredients ranging from vitamins, minerals, fats and other essential elements.

The food supplements or dietary supplements – as they are also referred to as – can be taken through multiple means and forms. Some of the common forms include capsules, tablets, liquid or powder. They can be obtained in different quantities or dosages. They can also be taken in the form of individual ingredients or in combination.

Who would Need These Food Supplements?

Before we can explain who would indeed need the food supplements, it should be a wiser idea to understand that supplements cannot replace the actual intake of the balanced diet that should be healthy enough. Having understood that basic aspect of using dietary supplements, let us now move to discuss who needs them.

Those who are forced to live a hectic lifestyle due to the modern hustle bustle of our life may not be able to consume a healthy diet. There are a few age groups that may not be receiving enough intakes of minerals and vitamins. Surveys have indicated the possibility of low intake of vitamin D and other minerals.

As per the studies, here are a few groups of people who would need the supplements –

  • If you have people aged above 50 in your household, they can benefit from multivitamin supplements. Ensure that the dosages are low dose. Some of the supplements that would be beneficial are Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, and folate.
  • Vegans may not have access to vitamins and other supplements that you would have got through non-vegetarian food. If you are a vegan, we would advise supplements consisting Vitamin B12 and vitamin D2.
  • Children under the age of 5 would benefit with the supplements consisting Vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin D. However, avoid supplements if they are capable of eating food that complete with nutrients.
  • People who need to keep their body covered like those in colder areas or their workplaces would need enough quantity of Vitamin D. They would benefit with the help of vitamin D supplements.
  • Breastfeeding women are another category of individuals who would need Vitamin D supplements.

These are a few specific classes of individuals who would benefit with the help of food supplements. Please note that list is representative and is based on the general perceptions. The exact nature, combination, and dosage of the supplements you should take would be dependent upon the individual requirements. We would advise you to consult your health consultant for the exact needs that your body may have.

The Conditions You Would Need Food Supplements

The following conditions necessitate the intake of food supplements-

  • A busy lifestyle that doesn’t permit proper food intake.
  • Genetic issues with some patients. It could be possible that some individuals may need practically more quantity of ingredients.
  • High degree of pollutants and toxic elements in the surroundings can increase the need for the higher amount of nutrients.
  • Smoking and drinking habits can decrease the food intake and thus can result in the need for food supplements.

There are several other possibilities that can necessitate the requirement for food supplements.

The Parting Thoughts

The concise discussion above would have given the necessary inputs into the needs of food supplements. However, we strictly suggest against opting for the over the counter supplements. Rely upon the genuine review sites for Health products for a proper information.

Before we can conclude, we would advise you to seek professional help from the health care professionals before opting for any over the counter supplements. A complete study of the supplements and a proper choice of the products is what we would suggest.

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