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Which supplements do you need and when

If you are exercising at the gym a lot, you would be tempted to take health supplements. But, never go for any random supplements just because some of your friends have suggested it. Check out your actual needs before you take a decision about the supplements. As an average guy, you would not need to take anything just like that. Remember Food First is what you would need along with good sleep.

Which Supplements do you Need and When?

Check out the issues that your body would be going through. It would be advisable to go through the symptoms that your body shows off and choose the best supplements that your body actually needs.

Are you feeling General Tiredness?

The reason for this tendency and associated out of sync feeling can be lack of proper intake of vitamins. Your supplement should contain Vitamin B complex invariably. The Vitamin B Complex lets your body metabolize carbohydrates, protein, and fats. Moreover, it also aids you to improve your nervous system.

When should you take them – It is advisable to take it in the morning. Vitamin D disrupts your sleep cycle and thus you should never take it in the afternoon.

Are You Feeling Tired During the Workout?

The best option you would need to take before any workout would be Caffeine. It can work as the best option against the perceived exertion that you may feel while working out. In fact, sportspersons use it as the legal drug for performance enhancement.

When Should You Take it – Preferably an hour before your exercise. But ensure that you do not take more than the specified dose. Ideally, three or four cups of coffee should be the best option.

Do You Run out of Energy mid-workout?

Your best option to take care of this condition would be to opt for Carbohydrate supplements. These supplements are normally available in the form of glucose polymers. These would supply glucose to your muscles when they are low. The carb supplements can be useful during longer workouts.

When Should You Take them – They can be best taken during your workouts. They have been found to be of practical use for workouts ranging up to 45 minutes.

Are You Unable to Lift Weight?

If you are facing issues when lifting the weight, it can be an indication to prove that you are facing Creatine deficiency. The element is found in fish and meat. Thus, if you are vegetarian, the element may not be available in enough quantity in your body. Creatine helps generate ATP, which is indeed the energy store that your body works on.

When Should You Take It –The ideal time that we would prefer it is either before or after a workout. Most of the athletes prefer taking it after the workout.

Are You Feeling Beaten After a Workout?

Omega 3 Fatty acids are what you would need under those circumstances. If you are quite an active person, you would need to have enough amounts of these elements. The essential element is abundantly found in nuts and salmon. It is helpful in reducing the workout inflammation and oxidative stress.

When Should You Take it –Health experts suggest taking it after the workout. It would help you enhance your endurance limit.


Are You Facing Sleep Issues?

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Magnesium is an essential element that helps in a lot of bodily functions. It is an essential element for most parts of your body and that includes muscles and brain. It should be the prime ingredient to help your body get restorative sleep that your body needs.

When Should You Take It- It would be advisable to take it presumably before 30 to 60 minutes before going to bed.

The Concluding Thoughts

Getting down to your perfect nutrition plan is the need of the hour and work according to it. Opt for a supplement only if it is necessary and in the correct quantity that is suggested. Of course, we would still suggest opting for those energizers only through the natural means – through the food we mean. However, if there are any reasons you are not able to imbibe it through natural means, it may be essential to opt for it through health supplements.

Ensure you opt for the supplements through a genuine store that would ensure quality products at affordable pricing.

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